Instructor.Jamie Jinmi Kim

week 01. intro to the class

-about me
-class blog (
e-mail sharing (gmail account)
conversation on experiences
why blogs?
brainstorming on blog names & addresses
creating, planning, designing a blog

exploring blogs (building own “” blog)

week 02. blog planning & development

graphic design & typography issue
"absorbing good graphics (자기것으로 만들기)"

finding GOOD graphic design (why?)
finding BAD graphic design (why?)

week 03. blog design & workshop

personal review on each blog
preparation for the next class (motiongraphics)

2D layouts & layers for motiongraphics' layers
plans for the video clip

week 04. story board & basics of motiongraphics

making storyboard
still image -> braking into parts -> with motion

storyboard + 30sec clips (variations)

week 05. motiongraphics workshop

Exploring effects & using tutorials

exploring effects
concept brainstorming
story + planning

week 06. motiongraphics workshop

1:1 reviews
sound demo

final Storyboard + layers
(1st rough draft)

week 07. presentation skills

Blog presentation (3~5min presentation + 5min critique on each person)

30secs~1min movie clip_title sequence_opening
1. planning on blogs (including storyboard)
2. 2~3 variations (drafts)

week 08. motiongraphics on blog (process)
Presentation on blogs

week 09. motiongraphics workshop
Exploring more AE effects
workshop & critique on movie clips

week 10. final presentation (BLOG)
Movie clip should be presented on blog.

후반기 class에 관한 세부적인 내용은 학기 흐름에 맞추어 update 될것임
상황에따라 수업내용이 조금씩 변경될 수 있으며
sound 관련내용은 motiongraphics 진도와 진행에 맞추어질것임
evaluation :  출석 30% 참여도 30% 프로젝트 40%
final project : portfolio blog + video clips